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A Balm For Anytime

This go-anywhere, use-anytime salve comes packed with 2000mg of CBD. Gently roll on this product for instant relief to localized aches and pains as it targets both the skin’s surface and deeper muscles. All the while providing a warm/cooling effect. Adding the essential terpenes of Lavender, Camphor, Arnica and Menthol increases its anti-inflammatory abilities and more. Another reason to keep it close is how well it can relieve bug bites, itchiness, and rashes with its cooling effect. Easy to use with a twist-up technology applicator.

2000mg CBD per bottle

*Also available in a convenient mini size.

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Our CBD salve has a multitude of benefits when it comes to managing pain. For starters CBD (cannabidiol) has been proven to help manage both musculoskeletal (muscles, ligament, and tendons) and nerve pain (neuropathy & sciatic) when applied topically (directly on the skin). Our salve works with the CB2 receptors (the endocannabinoid system) acting as a stimulating relaxant (stimulates the tissue to help it relax) to help reduce inflammation and tension without breaking the blood brain barrier. Meaning that you can get great pain relief without any cannabis related products being absorbed into your blood or brain, completely non-psychoactive and will have no interaction with medications. Making this a great choice for athletes who need to recover faster, knitters with arthritis pain, and people managing pain around a surgery.


Our carefully selected added botanical oils help to make this topical well rounded for all of your pain needs. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) works as more than just an analgesic (pain reliever), it helps with reducing inflammation and muscular tension, eases headaches, and helps accelerate the healing of burns, sores, and stings. Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) comes in to create a proliferative effect, helping to speed up the production of new cells to accelerate healing and speed up recovery, while also providing a warming/cooling effect to assist in anti-inflammatory actions. Menthol has been an important tool of herbal medicine for centuries. Our menthol crystals interact with your “cold receptor” (TRPM8 receptor) to create both a cooling sensation and reduction in pain at the site of application.


Finally, the addition of coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil help your skin stay soft and smooth. All together our roll-on salve provides mess-free pain relief where you need it most, fast.

Keep away from eyes.

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