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Winter Lip Balm

Introducing our peppermint lip balm, designed to pamper your lips during the chilly winter months. Crafted with care, this lip balm combines the natural goodness of CBD (cannabidiol) with the invigorating essence of peppermint. Experience the ultimate hydration and rejuvenation as this lip balm effortlessly glides over your lips, leaving them feeling soft, supple, and protected against harsh winter elements. The infusion of CBD adds an extra layer of nourishment, promoting overall lip health while offering a soothing sensation.

150mg CBD

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150mg CBD


Our CBD Winter Lip Balm in Peppermint flavor is perfect for anyone seeking comprehensive lip care, especially during the winter season. Here’s how you can make the most out of this luxurious product:

1. **Daily Lip Hydration:** Apply the CBD Winter Lip Balm generously to your lips throughout the day, keeping them hydrated and preventing dryness. Its natural ingredients will help maintain the moisture balance, ensuring your lips stay soft and kissable.

2. **Protection Against Harsh Weather:** Before heading out into cold, windy weather, apply a thick layer of the lip balm. The nourishing formula acts as a protective barrier, shielding your lips from harsh winter conditions and preventing chapping and cracking.

3. **Prep Before Lipstick:** Use the lip balm as a base before applying lipstick or lip gloss. Its smooth texture creates a perfect canvas for your favorite lip color, enhancing its longevity and preventing your lips from drying out due to the makeup.

4. **Nighttime Lip Treatment:** Incorporate the CBD Winter Lip Balm into your nightly skincare routine. Before bedtime, apply a generous layer to your lips. The balm will work overnight, providing deep hydration and aiding in the repair of any damage your lips might have endured during the day.

5. **Relaxation Ritual:** Take a moment to indulge in a mini relaxation ritual. Apply the lip balm while taking deep breaths, allowing the soothing peppermint aroma to calm your senses, providing a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Discover the joy of velvety-soft lips and the calming benefits of CBD with our Peppermint flavored CBD Winter Lip Balm. Embrace the winter season with confidence, knowing your lips are protected, nourished, and beautifully refreshed.

This product derived from Hemp has not been tested, analyzed or approved by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources or the FDA.



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